How to Set Up the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and WP Rocket


Using caching plugins is a popular way for speeding up page loading by caching site pages. There are several options for caching pages or content. Unfortunately, some of these options may not work with CleanTalk SpamFireWall.

For example, with the option 'Preload Cache' enabled in the WP Rocket plugin, CleanTalk SpamFireWall may not be used at full capacity. The spam protection won't be affected though.

We recommend disabling the 'Preload Cache' option in the WP Rocket plugin settings to make CleanTalk SpamFireWall working at full capacity:

Go to WP Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Rocket -> Preload -> in the 'Preload Cache' section, disable the 'Activate Preloading' option and save the plugin settings -> clear the cache.

Next, go to the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk plugin settings, enable SpamFireWall and save the settings. 

If you have the 'Delay JavaScript execution' WP Rocket option enabled then the JavaScript error Uncaught ReferenceError: ctPublicFunctions is not defined for CleanTalk script may appear. To fix this please add data-pagespeed-no-defer to Excluded JavaScript files.

WP Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Rocket -> File Optimization-> JavaScript Files -> Delay JavaScript execution

CleanTalk Scripts exclusion


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