CleanTalk FAQ — Abilities

How do IP/Email blacklists work?

CleanTalk Modules and Plugins use common blacklisting services, these lists are created automatically, based on analysis of spam activity of any IP, Email address.

For example, if the server approved the registration of a user, and then the administrator deleted the account, we know this through the feedback forum (module sends information to our servers on manual moderation processed by the service registrations/posts). This is written to the database. When three and more negative feedbacks (Account removal or message) from such an IP/Email are received, the IP/Email is automatically added it to the blacklist.

Conversely, if the message is prohibited by Automoderator but then approved in the manual moderation, this positive feedback will be recorded in the database and the record will be removed from the blacklist. More than 1,200 sites are connected to the service, so based on this algorithm, spammers are usually recorded in the blacklist for 1-2 hours.

CleanTalk Compatible with CloudFlare?

CleanTalk is fully compatible with CloudFlare. Service doesn't filter CloudFlares IP's (AS13335) over blacklists database, so in this way, plugin/service filters spam bots uses other anti-spam tests.



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