Using CleanTalk Anti-Spam with website proxy


A very common situation that the website is located behind a proxy server. It allows getting some benefits, like a website's speed boost and security. CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin and service are fully compatible with all standard proxy solutions.


For the correct Anti-Spam protection it's very important to detect the real visitor's IP. CleanTalk Anti-Spam uses a standard X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header field to define the real visitor's IP. There is no need to configure the plugin additionally,  but if you using your own proxy server, please configure it to transfer XFF HTTP header field.


For API methods users.


You need to configure your Anti-Spam scripts to send IP from XFF HTTP header field in case of using a proxy. If you use Cloudflare as a proxy solution there also may be useful CF-Connecting-IP header field. You can read about Cloudflare headers here.



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