Why Hiding «Website» Field in WordPress Comments Could Be Useful


How many useful website URL’s did you get through comments on your website lately? Not too many, we believe. But it really is a good way for spammers to send spam websites using this form. This «Website» field is frequently used by spammers to place spam links in it. CleanTalk helps you protecting your WordPress website comments by hiding this field off.

So we improved CleanTalk’s integration to Comments and from now you can just hide «Website» field from all of the comment forms on your website. This feature is disabled by default, but it will take less then a minute to enable it using your WordPress dashboard.

At the moment this feature works only with default WordPress Comments. So if your comments form is made with another plugin it will not be able to hide it’s «Website» field for now. If you use another comments plugin and still need to hide need to hide «Website» field – just let us know in comments below.


How to hide «Website» field to protect your WordPress site comments


Step 1: Go to Plugins Installed Plugins.

Hiding «Website» field in WordPress comments


Then go to Settings link next to CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin.

Hiding «Website» field in WordPress comments


Step 2: Tick the checkbox «Hide the "Website" field». Then press «Save Changes» button.


Hiding «Website» field in WordPress comments


Done! It really is that simple.


Now just go to your WordPress site page and see the difference while CleanTalk helps you completely protecting your WordPress website comments

Hiding «Website» field in WordPress comments



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