I Can't Find Approved Submissions in the Backend of My Website


 1. If you see in your logs of the Anti-Spam service that you have approved comments, signups or messages from the contact form, but you have not received the notification or can not find them in your website backend (admin dashboard). Take a look at the details of the requests, most likely one or more fields were either not filled or filled incorrectly. In this case, your website form gives your visitor an error saying that the form is incomplete and the required fields need to be filled properly.

CleanTalk processes the request before the form, so the query will be displayed in your Anti-Spam Log, but in your website backend there will be no such requests as your visitor did not actually send it.

So you always get such requests via CleanTalk, even if your website visitor refused to complete the form again with their correct data and they decided to leave your website. Perhaps, you will find that your website form has a lot of required fields, it may be inconvenient for your visitors to fill some of them and probably it's a good idea to remove some extra required fields to increase your conversion rate.

If you have a WordPress website, you can check the form errors in the request details in your Anti-Spam logs (at the moment, not all forms have this feature).


 2. For contact forms and forms that send notification emails. Check your "Spam" folder in your inbox, it's possible that the desired message has been moved to your "Spam" folder by your email server. To learn more about this question in the Google search


 3. Please, take note that with the Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress you can receive new comment notifications for any group of your WordPress users. To set it up, please follow this guide.



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