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How to Install the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Module on Drupal 9

Go to your Anti-Spam Dashboard

1. Download the archive.

2. Go to "Manage —> Extend" section, find and press button "+Install new module".

Drupal 9 modules install


3. Choose the downloaded archive from CleanTalk, press the button "Install".

Drupal 9 install anti-spam plugin


4. After the process of installation press the line "Enable newly added modules".

Drupal 9 enable anti-spam module


5. In the "CLEANTALK" category find the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk module, tick the checkbox near the name and press the button "Install".

Drupal 9 enable anti-spam module


6. When you enable the module, go to Configuration -> Content Authoring. Click it.

Drupal 9 configure anti-spam module

Then open the Settings:

Drupal 9 configure anti-spam module


7. Copy the Access key from your CleanTalk Dashboard and paste it in the "Access key" field, turn on the options of the module and press the button "Save configuration".

Drupal 9 anti-spam plugin options

Drupal 9 anti-spam plugin options



Do a test registration using this blacklisted email address:

Drupal 9 spam registration block



To test if SpamFireWall is working just add /?sfw_test_ip= to your site name. Example www.yoursitename.domain/?sfw_test_ip= (you must see blocking screen)

Attention! You should test SFW with incognito mode switched on. To enable incognito mode press Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers; press Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


How to Add a Website to Your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard

Please, use this guide to add a website to your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard:



Congratulations. Anti-spam is installed!



Please go to the Dashboard to see the Anti-Spam status, add new websites, or manage existing ones!
Please check your inbox to get your account password.



If you use the EU Cookie Compliance (GDPR Compliance) plugin and some settings are applied, this plugin will not allow the use of cookies for the CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin. As a result, there may be false positive spam protection triggering.

Drupal 8 Update Manager install
In order to solve the situation, please add all of the cookies listed below used by the Anti-Spam plugin to the exceptions:

Drupal 8 Update Manager install

All CleanTalk cookies don’t contain personal data or data by which a visitor can be identified and are strictly necessary cookies as they directly affect your website security and your guests/visitors/registered users.




If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:



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