How to install the CleanTalk Universal Anti-Spam plugin


1. Make backup copies of your website files and database.

2. Download and unzip the modification files into websites' ROOT folder. Finally, there must be the next files and folders in the websites' ROOT:


CleanTalk files


3. Proceed to address (your_website_name/ctsetup.php):


Universal anti-spam install


4. Enter your Access key and click the button "Install" to continue with the installation or enter your e-mail to register CleanTalk profile and continue with the installation.

Also, you can register CleanTalk profile manually by simply clicking the button "Don't have an account? Create here!". 


 Uni Anti-Spam install


Universal Anti-Spam plugin will write protection code to index.php file by default. If your contact or registration forms are located in different files/scripts, list them in "Advanced configuration" section separated by commas.


Uni Anti-Spam advanced config 


At the end of the successful installation, you will see this message


Uni Anti-Spam installed


5. You can test any form on your website by using special e-mail Every submits with this email will be blocked.



Blocking message

Сongratulations! Setup is complete!


Notice: Unistallation currently not supported.


Go to Dashboard


Please go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones!

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