No Requests in Your CleanTalk Control Panel


Possible reasons:


 1. Incorrect access key.

Please, check if you're using the correct access key in the settings of the CleanTalk Anti-Spam.

Log in to your website backend and go to the settings page of the anti-spam. You can find all paths to the settings page in the installation guides for all supported CMS here:


Your actual access key is always located in your CleanTalk Control Panel here:


 2. No website traffic.

By default, your Anti-Spam Log keeps requests for 7 days. If there was no traffic during 7 or more days your log will be empty.

Please, test any of your website form with this blacklisted e-mail: [ ].

Important! If you use CleanTalk Hosting Licence you will not see any logs. Anti-Spam for Hosting license keeps no details of spam check requests.

Important! Log out from your website administrator account before doing any tests.


After the test you should see the blocked request in your log here:


 3. Blocked outgoing connections.

If steps 1 and 2 didn't work, it may be that your hosting company may block outgoing connections, so your website can not establish them with the CleanTalk Servers.


You can check it by pinging the CleanTalk Servers from your Hosting Control Panel.

For instance, guide of how to do it from cPanel is here:


Ping these IPs:



If you can't ping any of them, please, ask your Hosting Company Techsupport to allow outgoing connections.



If nothing helps, contact us via a private ticket: [ ].



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