SpamFireWall and AntiSpam - Networks Blocking

To block specific network with SpamFireWall you should do the following:

1. Go to "Blacklist" of the service


2. Choose the service

AntiSpam (default) - will blocks users from selected IP or network from using contacts/messages/registrations/comments forms.

SpamFireWall - will blocks users from selected IP or network from entering the website.


3. Block an entire subnet or a separate IP address

Simply type any IP address (field 1) and press green or red button (buttons 2) to add it to your black or white list.

Subnet blocking: - IP address,

/16 - subnet mask

If you don't know how it works simply put numbers for mask divisible by 8:

  •   - all IP addresses starting from 1.n.n.n (from to will be blocked.
  • - all IP addresses starting from 1.2.n.n (form to will be blocked.
  • - all IP addresses starting from 1.2.3.n (from to will be blocked.


4. Make sure that newly appeared entry has in the column "Service" value "SpamFireWall" or "AntiSpam"


5. Go to the plugin settings in your website dashboard and save settings

It is essential to changes take effect even if you haven't change the settings. If you don't do this, changes will take effect only in 24 hours.


To test if SpamFireWall is working just add /?sfw_test_ip= to yorsite name. Example

www.yoursitename.domain/?sfw_test_ip= (you must see blocking screen)


If you still have questions you can always ask our Tech support by creating a ticket or mailing to