Two-Factor Authentication Option


Do you want to make your website harder to hack? If so, the Two-Factor Authentication Option will help you with it.

Your website administrator e-mail address will be used for that. First, check it here:

  • WordPress Admin Page —> Users —> Your Administrator Name —> Edit —> Contact Info —> Email

WordPress Users admin edit 


Make sure that everything is correct and activate the option here:

• WordPress Admin Page —> Settings —> Security by CleanTalk —> General Settings —> category "Authentication and Logging in" —> set the option "Two-factor authentication for chosen roles" to "On" or "Auto".

CleanTalk Security Plugin Two-Factor Authentication

On means that the option will work every time you log into your admin account.

Auto means that the option will work in those cases when you log into your admin account from a new device (other desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.).


A modal window will appear to check if you can receive emails from your website.

CleanTalk Security modal window confirmation code


Check your inbox to get the code. It will look like this:

Security by CleanTalk confirmation code email


Then select the roles you want to be protected. Press and hold CTRL button to do that:

CleanTalk Security Two-Factor Authentication Option roles selection


Next time you log into your website as administrator, you will see the CleanTalk Authorization Window.

WordPress window two-factor code authorization


When you see such a window, that means your authorization code has been sent to your e-mail and you have 10 minutes to input it.

Important! Your website mail server will send your letters with codes, not the CleanTalk servers! Speed of letters depends on it.


If you want to disable the Two-Factor Authentication Option, go to your CleanTalk Control Panel and do the following:

1. Switch to your Security Dashboard: Menu "Services" —> choose "Site Security".

Direct link:


2. Find your website and click the link "Settings" under its name.


3. Disable the option "2-Factor Authentication" and click the button "Update".

If it is already disabled then click the button "Update" right away.

CleanTalk website settings 2-factor option

Next, wait a few minutes until the CleanTalk servers tell the CleanTalk plugin to disable the option.

Try to log into your website again.


You can ask us any question concerning our plugin via:

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— E-mail [ ].



Security Dashboard button



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