Form Validation Notice in CleanTalk Requests


Many plugins have a built-in form validation feature, which controls the correctness of filling all fields of the form. If some of the fields filled incorrectly the form will not accept the results and will ask to re-fill fields. If it was an error from a real visitor CleanTalk Anti-Spam will allow submitting the form. So you will see allowed request in your logs, but there will be no any data in your website Admin Panel or on your email.


We've added a validation notice feature in our plugin. So you can find out why you didn't receive a message from a visitor.


To see form validation results please open your Anti-Spam logs. Next, find request and open its details. You can find the validation notice section at the bottom before the text section.


If there were any errors in the form filling you will see two fields:


1 - form validation results


2 - page URL


CleanTalk validation notice


Form validation notice available for WordPress, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Bitrix.



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