Specifics of the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Protection and Cache Plugins on WordPress

Sometimes the SpamFireWall feature could display its blocking screen in an infinite loop because of the cached website pages. It looks like this:

SpamFireWall blocking screen SFW feature

To avoid that and to optimize the CleanTalk Anti-Spam to work with popular cache plugins on WordPress, please do the following:

  1. Go to your WordPress backend → Settings → Anti-Spam by CleanTalk → Advanced settings.
  2. Set the Use static keys for JS check option to On.
  3. Set the Set cookies option to Store data in the website database (an alternative mechanism).
  4. Set the Unique GET option to On.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
  6. Then clear all cache in your website.


If it didn't help, you could simply disable the SpamFireWall feature entirely as it's an additional feature, and the main part of the anti-spam protection will still work:

WordPress Admin Page → Settings → Anti-Spam by CleanTalk → disable the SpamFireWall option → Save Changes.


You can test the SpamFireWall feature on your website anytime here.

You may also find useful guides about Setting up W3 Total Cache and Setting up WP Rocket.

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