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This API should be used only for mass backlinks check for a domain list. For other purposes you could use other APIs:

Very often spam messages are disguised as neutral posts and have no spam text, but such messages contain links to spam sites or fraudulent sites.

This API allows you to identify if a domain was used in other spam messages.
The CleanTalk Anti-Spam Service collects links from millions of spam messages so you can check any domain from links for spam activity.
If a domain exists in the database, then this is one of the major signs of spam.
This method is included in the Blacklist API spam_check().

Note: our servers count each record that you request for checking. If you made 1 multiple records request, in your CleanTalk dashboard you will see a few checks (as many as there were records in the request).


Call required GET params

  • method_name - should be 'backlinks_check',

  • auth_key - API Key. To obtain a key please get an account here https://cleantalk.org/register?platform=api.



API returns JSON string, for example:

{"data":{"example.com":{"appears":1,"frequency":"164","updated":"2016-08-05 07:15:51"}}}


Response explanation

  • data - array with results,
    • appears - marker which defines record existence in the database 0|1.
    • frequency - counts websites with backlinks in the record.
    • updated - last time a backlink was found.


Multiple records check

You can submit multiple records to test per 1 call, to do that use POST options:

data - string with records to check separated by ','.


wget -O- --post-data='data=example.com,example1.com' https://api.cleantalk.org/?method_name=backlinks_check\&auth_key=123456


{"data":{"example.com":{"appears":1,"frequency":"164","updated":"2016-08-05 07:15:51"},"example1.com":{"appears":0}}}



If you get calls limit, API returns error notice. Example:

{"error_message":"Calls limit exceeded.","error_no":10}

Current calls limit is 100 per 60 seconds.


If you get data elements limit in backlinks_check method, API returns error notice. Example:

{"error_message":"Recevied 1001 records to check, maximum 1000 records check perl call.","error_no":8}

Current data elements limit is 1000.


Recommended timeout is no more than 180 seconds.  



If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:




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