What Type of License to Use for WordPress Multisite Environment (WPMS)?


Depending on your needs we offer 2 versions of WPMS packages.


1. Separate access keys for each website.

This package suits you if you want to have separate anti-spam statistics, blacklists, and options for each website.

1.1. Choose a tariff which corresponds to your number of websites in WPMS. Register to the service. Buy the licence and add all websites to your CleanTalk Control Panel. Then you have to put each access key in each installed plugin for every website or give them to the webmasters and they will put the keys themselves. This method is convenient for those who don’t have many websites and you want to give your clients a free anti-spam service. Furthermore, you can grant access to the added websites’ settings for your users in your CleanTalk profile using the feature “Delegation”.

1.2. Let your users make payments for the anti-spam licence. It is necessary for you to create an account and choose an appropriate tariff. This method is convenient for those who want their users to make payments for the licence, to have their own anti-spam statistics, black lists and website settings.


2. One access key for all WPMS websites.

You can use the same access key for all websites. In this case anti-spam statistics, blacklists and your CleanTalk settings will be identical for all websites. Register to the service and choose a one website package. Copy the access key and put it in each CleanTalk plugin on each website.



Usage of the "White Label" feature

Please, note, that using any of methods you can use the "White Label" feature. This feature allows you to remove the "CleanTalk" caption from the plugin name and from the plugin code. You can name the plugin as you want it to be shown to your client's WPMS sites. More info you can read here: https://cleantalk.org/help/anti-spam-white-label-multisite



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