Why Do Spammers Post Spam on Websites


There could be many reasons but they all have one purpose of getting some profit. Two categories might be distinguished:
• Black SEO, advertising web resources, non-reliable SEO company promoting their client's website;
• Cyber fraud.

Black SEO is being used to post links, text comments and posts with needed key words. Upon that spammers can promote their own websites alongside with fraud websites or normal websites of random people/companies who addressed to any unfair/dishonorable SEO company.

In this case they need to get backlinks or key words from as many websites as possible to improve their search rank position.

Spam comments are also being used for various types of fraud. Links in the spam comments could lead to websites with malicious software to infect computers, personal and payment data theft including passwords and so on.

Malicious website could look precisely like any popular website and it will be difficult to recognize an imitation of the original one except the website URL. It could be a perfect copy of your bank website, Google Drive and others, so when you think that you're visiting the true website and start logging in to your account you would give your login/password to cyber criminals.

Spam may be spread automatically with special software, infected with a virus computers or with hired people who get paid for posting spam.

Presence of spam comments or spam links on your website could negatively affect your website SEO as search engines evaluate domain reputation in the links or they can even block your website page if it has any forbidden content such as advertisements of medical/banned chemicals.

Spam comments might damage your website reputation among your visitors. When your visitors see any promotional links in the comments of your website they might trust your website less or even abandon it.

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