I Don't Want to Store the Content of Messages in the Logs


How to disable storing of information of approved requests:

  1. Go to your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard.
  2. Choose website you want to apply this option to.
  3. Click the line "Settings" under the name of your chosen website.
  4. Tick the option "Don't save approved requests" and press the button "Save" to apply changes.


CleanTalk service settings


By choosing this option all emails, nicknames and messages will be deleted from approved registrations, comments, orders and contact messages.


Is CleanTalk compatible with the GDPR?

Yes, CleanTalk is fully compatible with the GDPR.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance here: https://cleantalk.org/publicoffer#privacy


The CleanTalk GDPR Agreement is available on your profile page or use direct link: https://download.cleantalk.org/Signed_CleanTalk_GDPR_Agreement.pdf.


Cookies that are being used by the the CleanTalk plugin are described here and they do not contain any personal information: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cookies-and-the-plugin-version-5-82/


Learn how to move your data to the EU servers




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