Types of the CleanTalk anti-spam API

BLACKLIST API includes 2 API methods:

API to check IP/email in the BlackList (spam_check)
API to check Domains for BlackSEO (backlinks_check)

You can use one or both methods at once.

CleanTalk API to check IP and Email in the blacklist database

CleanTalk API provides features to check IP/email for spam activity, without the use of plugins or modules. Depending on the result of the API response, you can create your events on the website, and to perform certain actions.

API for checking IP/email addresses is used not only to check messages/registrations, but also to define other types of attacks.

Any action by spam active IP addresses may be treated as suspicious and from them can also be carried out: attempt fraud attacks, DDoS, DoS, SQL and PHP Injections and others.

Every day CleanTalk receives information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses. The entire database of spam active IP is about 20 000 000 IP addresses.

API Documentation

API to check Domains for BlackSEO

This API can be used by website owners to analyze the domain of their own website to check for BlackSEO.

CleanTalk keeps track of domain mentionings in spam messages to help you find out that the incorrect SEO methods are being used. The presence of the domain in spam message links is the cause to contact your SEO company to clarify what promotion methods they use.

  1. This will be useful in the definition of spam in messages if the text messages there is a link with the domain from the list, then with high probability this message is spam.
  2. Also, you can check your domain to make sure that it is not moving with the use of black SEO. Some SEO companies may use black SEO to promote the site and place links using spam. As a result, you will receive a report about the presence of thousands of links, but then you can lose credibility and get penalties from search engines.
  3. When you buying a domain will also be useful to check the history and reputation of the domain. It is quite possible that before the sale of the domain, the domain was promoted by placing links in spam comments.
API Documentation


To use service:

Register and get an access key.
Connect and set up the API on your website.
Take a few test requests to check the work of the API. Statistics can be viewed in the dashboard.