Guides and Manuals of Using the CleanTalk Service


Here are our guides and manuals on how to use different features of the CleanTalk service.


   Tune the anti-spam module behavior for your website with your Personal Lists
   Details about SpamFireWall option that blocks spambots before they can visit your website
   Guide how to test the SpamFireWall option
   Guide how to block networks
   Guide how to blacklist or whitelist any IP or country in the SpamFireWall option
   Guide how to use user-agent filter features
   Logs page detail usage
   A specific issue for Joomla websites
   List of guides on how to check users and comment in all CleanTalk modules
   Guide of enabling the auto-update option in your CleanTalk Dashboard
   Set this option up to receive a notification via e-mail or via URL method
   Showing reasons why you didn't get data from your contact form
   Guide of how to exclude selected page, form or form's fields from checking
   The guide tells you what to do if spam is missed or System made a false positive solution
   Instructions on how to manage your CleanTalk account
   Secure your CleanTalk Dashboard using Google Authenticator
   Block any bot and parsing scripts
   The guide for using CleanTalk dashboard settings templates
   The guide for using CleanTalk plugin settings templates
   CleanTalk ChangeLog feature guide
   The guide to hiding email addresses on your WordPress website from crawlers



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