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Download plugin file phpbb-antispam-4.2.zip.
Previous version cleantalk-spam-protect.5.83.1.zip.

How to install the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Modification in phpBB 3.0

1. Make backup copies of your forum files and database.

2. Download the modification archive.

3. Place the downloaded archive in "<phpBB-root-folder>/adm/mods".

4. The anti-spam modification has to be installed using AutoMOD tool.

 — Link to the archive: [ https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/official_tool/automod/ ].

 — Link to the Installation Guide: [ https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/official_tool/automod/faq/786 ].

5. Go to the tab AUTOMOD, in the "Upload MOD" area choose the CleanTalk archive from "<phpBB-root-folder>/adm/mods" and press the button "Upload". After the upload return to the tab AUTOMOD.


6. In the "Uninstalled MODs" table find the row with CleanTalk and press "Install". Confirm your actions on the next page by clicking "Install" one more time.


7. Then click the line "The MOD requires an external installer to finish installation. Click here to continue to that step." and finish the installation in the external installer.


8. Now delete the folder "install" in your forum's root directory to restore your forum's functionality.

9. Go to the tab .MODS, choose "CleanTalk. Spam protection". Copy the access key from your CleanTalk Control Panel and paste it in the "Access key" field, setup the modification and press the button "Submit".



Do a test registration or post a test comment using the blacklisted e-mail stop_email@example.com.

>>> Do not perform any tests being logged in as an administrator. <<<


Congratulations. Anti-spam is installed!


Please go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones!


Please check your e-mail to get account password.