HomeHelpHow to install the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Product in vBulletin 5

Download plugin file cleantalk_product_vb5-1.0.zip.

How to install the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Product in vBulletin 5

1. Make backup copies of your forum files and database.

2. Download the archive.

3. Merge the folders "core" — one from the downloaded archive "upload/core", another is in your forum "<vBulletin-root-folder>/core". Place the xml-file from the archive in "<vBulletin-root-folder>/core/includes/xml".

4. Go to "Products & Hooks —> Manage Products" section, click the string [Add/Import Product].


5. In "Import Product" area press the button "Choose File" and pick the xml-файл in the folder "<vBulletin-root-folder>/core/includes/xml". Then press the button "Import".


6. Go to "Settings —> Human Verification Manager", select CleanTalk and press the button "Save".


7. Go to "Settings —> Options" section. Find the line "Anti-spam by CleanTalk", select it and press the button "Edit Settings".


8. Copy-paste the access key from your CleanTalk Control Panel, setup the plugin and press the button "Save".



Do a test registration using the blacklisted e-mail stop_email@example.com.


Congratulations. Anti-spam is installed!


Please, go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones!


Please check your e-mail to get account password.