How to use Hosting Anti-Spam License. Method 1. Without Using Access Key


The main function of the CleanTalk to provide owners and administrators of websites reliable tool to protect their websites from spam and spambots. Hosting Package allows you to protect plenty/many websites from spam bots without using access key at once. Hosting Package is made primarily for Hosting Companies who want to protect their customers from spam.


Method 1. Without Using Access Key (You are here already)

Method 2. Separate Access Keys For Each Website (click here)

Method 3. One Access Key For All WPMS Websites (click here)


How does it work?


In this case anti-spam service uses IP-addresses to identify customer’s license.

Plugins installed on web servers, sends requests with parameters into the CleanTalk Cloud. Service analyzes senders IP and parameters. If this is a visitor, the comment will be published. If it's a spam bot, then CleanTalk blocks these requests.


To setup Hosting Package:

  1. Register to the service
  2. Go to your Control Panel and switch to the Hosting Dashboard
  3. Follow the instruction and add your IP-address
  4. Install and activate the anti-spam plugins on each website.


Method 1. Without Using Access Key


Just install anti-spam plugins on each website. After adding IP in CleanTalk Control Panel, all websites from this IP will be protected from spam.

As this Package is meant for bulk usage and for processing clients' spam check requests based on IP address, the Package lacks some features, for instance:

No personal settings and private blacklists. No spam records details in your Anti-Spam Log, counter of total checks is available only.


Anti-spam report


No weekly Spam Report.


Anti-spam log


If these personal features are important for your customers, then you should use annually renewed or Unlimited Websites Package.

Of course, on the Hosting Package it's possible to create CleanTalk profiles for your customers as well so they would have all CleanTalk Service features. There are several ways of creating your customers' profiles in the CleanTalk Service.




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