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CleanTalk engaged in spam protection for more than 5 years. CleanTalk is a cloud service protection from spam bots for websites. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the visitors of the website. Protection from spam bots popular and essential for most websites. 

We offer you to reduce the costs of hosting resources through the use of solutions offered by CleanTalk.

CleanTalk offers you to provide for your customers one of the most reliable systems of protection from spam bots. This will allow you to expand your rates additional free service and make them more attractive. To offer its customers more than your competitors (all in one, free of charge to customers).

In our latest versions of plugins for a CMS we have added a new option Spam FireWall, which allows you to block not only POST requests, but GET requests for a website from spam bots. This function, in addition to spam filtering, reduces the load on the CPU of the hosting server and the data network within 7-30% (depending on the level of spam traffic to a particular website). CleanTalk anti spam filters the spam bots at the moment when they are trying to post a comment on a web site, sign up, i.e. doing a POST request. In some cases, the spam bots are sent not only POST requests, but GET, ie loads pages a website and thereby overload the site with requests.

Lowering effect occurs as a result of filtering spam traffic before download the main code of the site, which reduces the load on the CPU server and given off to the network traffic. Besides spam bots, also blocked all HTTP / HTTPS requests from spam active IP addresses. This helps to block HTTP DDoS attack, the SQL attack, scanning site, etc.

Now in our spam IP/Email database more than 20 million active spam IP addresses, 203 thousand networks, 30 thousand autonomous systems, 10 million email addresses, nearly 6 million e-mail domains. We block more than 2 million spam attacks per day, filtering accuracy above 99.998%.

The idea is to add anti-spam CleanTalk to tariffs for hosting free. In order,

  • to increase the value of hosting for your client, because for the same notional of $5, the client receives a larger set of services and gets free anti spam, which for all other costs $8 per year.
  • to increase the loyalty to the hosting (since the transition to another hosting will be forced either to abandon a proven anti-spam services, or pay its full price on our website).
  • to increase the number of customers per unit of equipment/bandwidth through the use of technology Spam FireWall.

CleanTalk filters spam without any visible means of protection, i.e. CleanTalk not shifts the problem of spam on the shoulders of the visitor of the website (as do the CAPTCHA solution).

From our side, we are ready to inform our customers about the opportunity to get free CleanTalk on your hosting account and your special offer, when moving the sites to your hosting. We will email a newsletter to all our customers (conversion to open 22-24%) and post your banner on this page.

Test as follows:

  1. Register an account:
  2. Add the IP address in the dashboard: 
  3. Install on the site of one of the ready modules: 

Customers only have to install the plugin CleanTalk on the website and it will immediately work. CleanTalk provides support and customer service independently.


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