CleanTalk - Manual cure of malware

If you have a hacked website or suspect that you have a security issue on your WordPress site, then CleanTalk can cure your site. CleanTalk provides manual cleaning of your site from infection. We can clean your website from any hacker impacts and injected malware.

What will we do to clean up the site?

  • Cleaning the website from malware, malicious code, and links.
  • Restoring the website, if there is a backup.
  • Installing the Security plugin (a 1-website license for 1 year included).

What do we need to start our work?

  • Full access to your website (Admin panel, FTP/cPanel/SSH).
  • A website backup (if it exists).

What will you get as a result of cleaning the site from malware?

  • Clean website.
  • A full report about founded issues.
  • Recommendations for improving website security.
  • Free help with re-infection within 30 days.

If as a result of curing we determine that the infection occurred due to our plugin, then we will fully refund the cost of your order.

We will clean up your website within 3 business days from the moment you grant access.

After cleaning the site, you will receive a report of the infection, what we removed, and our findings, along with all other relevant data. Example of a report:

example of a cure report


The price is $119 per website. 

If you need to cure your site, please contact our support team.


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